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Drew Bridewell stands out in the field of design, product, and performance innovation. With a solid foundation from SCAD with his BFA in Graphic Design, his career spans across influential roles that have shaped his reputation as a leader in the industry. From Magellan Network to NICUSA, and from leading the design at Qwikcart to strategic roles at LinkedIn, InVision, and Facebook, Drew has left a mark through his extensive work and research in design and product transformation and people performance strategies and High-Performance training.

In addition to his corporate contributions, Drew has made significant impacts through education and mentorship, sharing his knowledge as an author and instructor for Practical UX Weekly on LinkedIn Learning and as a mentor at Stanford D.School. His dedication to elevating the skills of other individuals and teams is evident in his initiatives like Next Level UX, Mapping to Learn, Action Planning, and his training programs which focus on high-performance UX training.

Currently, as Head of Product & Design at, Drew works alongside top performance coaches to integrate personal development into product design building principles. His pragmatic approach ensures that products not only excel in design but also in their ability to better lives. Drew’s career is a blend of hands-on design expertise and a strategic vision for user experience, positioning him as a resource for those looking to advance in the field of becoming a product builder.

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