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90 days • 12 weeks • 3 months

Interactive coaching, asynchoronous collaboration, templates, strategic tactics, learning, development, and so much more.
Next squad - July-Sept

An interactive coaching experience delivered in Figma, with prepared prompts, challenges, reflections, async feedback, with 1 weekly strategic call for 12 weeks geared to help you accelerate your UX career.

  • Getting started on your next 5 big milestones
  • Preparing for each moment strategicially with intention and purpose
  • Integrating new rituals and routines into your life

  • Practicing, learning, and developing in an interactive tool with an action oriented mindset
  • Structured strategicially for growth and UX development
  • Accountability check ins, curated learning, and personal goal focus


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Pick your focus areas

The following topics in Practical UX Weekly on LinkedIn Learning. You’ll need a LinkedIn premium subscription to watch. Your Next Level UX program will include a premium subscription

Over 8 hours of on-demand UX content with Drew

Engage in strategic discussions about your UX learning goals

Develop a plan and architect your future

How does it work?

Career and development need and motivation to be, do, and perform better

Enroll in next season. Invest in your self developmen

Commit to self mastery in UX and career development with practice and dedication

Meaningful weekly reflections, insights, and touch points.

UX Confidence, UX Clarity, Skills, active plan,and goals

UX Skill

  1. The race to the draft
  2. Storyboarding in user experience design
  3. The art of creating a successful presentation
  4. Building a case study
  5. Designing a workshop
  6. Workflow map fundamentals
  7. Facilitating remote meetings
  8. Embracing Practice in Product Design
  9. Naming fundamentals
  10. Icebreakers in UX design
  11. What skills do people really need for UX?
  12. Sharing your design perspective within the team and beyond
  13. 5 tips to improve your user experience design skills
  14. A day in the life of a product designer
  15. Interviewing designers: tips, tricks, and things to avoid
  16. Acing your next design interview
  17. How to win when working remote
  18. Behind the role of a user experience designer
  19. Wireframing best practices

Product Design

  1. The roles in user experience design
  2. InVision Freehand introduction and tips
  3. Introduction to UX design: The basics
  4. Problem-solving in UX design
  5. Transitioning roles in design
  6. Adopting a culture of design
  7. Project kickoffs: Setting you, your team, and your company up for success
  8. Mentoring designers
  9. Creating better 1:1s
  10. Designing a responsive web product
  11. Responsive web techniques: Creating box studies
  12. Product design at scale: Short- and long-term design thinking
  13. The workflow of a product designer
  14. Pitching your next user experience idea
  15. Designing for context first
  16. Pretty doesn’t mean functional
  17. Practical tools for every UX designer
  18. Thinking design systems
  19. Managing expectations

Design Systems

  1. Design systems: What they are and what they do
  2. Building a case to invest in design systems
  3. Conducting the modern day design audit
  4. Setup essentials: Getting started
  5. Developing the information architecture of your design system
  6. The workflow of designing a component

Communication & Collaboration

  1. Investing in relationships with your team and beyond
  2. Working closely with product managers
  3. Working closely with product managers
  4. Facilitating workshops with your team
  5. Working through change
  6. Design critique fundamentals
  7. Sweating the details in UX
  8. Capture your wins
  9. Capturing your product bugs or new ideas
  10. Storytelling in user experience design

Case Studies

  1. Case Study: Course page
  2. Case Study: Reminder feature
  3. Case Study: Signup flow
  4. Case Study: Orientation feature
  5. Case Study: Responsive navigations
  6. Case Study: Member homepage


  1. Working with user experience researchers
  2. Redesigning your meetings
  3. Finding your magic creative time at work
  4. Making time to be creative
  5. Sketching in user experience design
  6. Alignment shortcuts in InVision Studio
  7. Working with typography in InVision Studio
  8. The relationship with the whiteboard