Hi, I’m Drew Bridewell

Product Designer, UX Coach, UX Host

I’m on a mission to help people develop and grow in a positive, strategic, life-enriching way.

I love building new experiences and refining old ones. There’s something beautiful about a design transformation, but there’s also the challenging side of it. Whether it’s your first project or 50th, there is something to be learned.

When it’s all said and done, and the project has been completed, How do you learn from it? How do you live through it? How do you plan for your growth vs just letting it control you? How do you turn a win, or failure into an accelerating insight? Both in a product, a project, and in your personal life? These are the things I’ve reflected throughout my daily rituals. From working at growth companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, InVision, Lynda.com, and connecting with thousands of designers through online training, and design transformation consulting.

I want to share Next Level UX Coaching and Training. With a focus on User Experience Design, Next Level UX is all about bringing a personalized design and career transformation to your doorstep. I’m a big fan of intentional planning. Next Level UX was built to deliver a strategic, structured, 1:1 framework that delivers results. You’ll walk out of your sessions charged and ready to tackle your next big objective.

Life and projects can get complex, and Next Level UX was designed to support you with tactics, practices, and calculated plans to help you rise to your next level. I’m excited to help you get to your next level!

“I’m excited that you’re here. It’s an exciting time to be a designer. I’m here to empower, and help you create more impact, and achieve your goals.”

If you are anything like me, I know you want to reach your next level of design excellence. You want to raise the bar of what you do and how you do it. You want to put in the effort, create new routines, and see results faster. This program was built to guide you on your path to the next level of design clarity, intentionality, and purpose so you can lead an enriched design career full of insights, experiences, and impactful progress.

My Story? I’ve invested my entire career into product design and education, from advising and designing for startups to developing custom-tailored high impact workshops. I’ve built and redesigned design systems. I also was the lead designer on the first-ever Lynda.com responsive learning platform redesign.

My most recent work has been focused on career development and performance experiences. My mission is to help elevate designers who are committed to self-mastery and personal development. This program is focused on empowering, enriching, and supporting you as you grow into your next level.


A few things that I’m passionate about sharing with you.

1. What are the influential patterns in a designer’s life that lead to more successful outcomes while sustaining those patterns consistently over time?

2. For those designers that get to this level, why do some thrive and others dread their journey?

3. What are the new rituals, resources, and modern-day tools to help you practice in this evolving market?

4. A guide to design productivity, and clarity.

More History

My career has taken me on a quest to follow my heart, my ambition, and pursuit of balance, fulfillment, and intentionality.

I want to pursue each of these in the way I flow through the day, contribute to my family, and to the missions I am on.

I want to be bold with my ambitions and do it a respectful, honest way.

I’ve been fortunate to have spent my career working in a diverse set of problem spaces and technologies. Linkedin, Nicusa, Lynda.com, InVision, Facebook, CrossCap.

Through each of these experiences, and my work at InVision, I’ve studied over 150 companies’ design and behavioral patterns, rituals, and challenges. As I observed teams from Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, I’ve realized we all share very common challenges around user experience design and we all have unique ways of solving those problems.

My goal for this program is to share the knowledge, patterns, rituals, and a holistic approach to how you can develop and accelerate your career as a designer. It’s a way for you to set up a deliberate and intentional mindset when you show up as a designer.

If you’re ready to get to work then apply today.

Career Path

My path

I’ve followed my passions. Striving to create a better life for myself and my family. I’m here to share. To help advance you forward in your goals.

Performance Products

At Facebook, I’ve been focused on career and people performance products, tools and services.

Design Educator, Workshopper

At InVision I coached, facilitated workshops, designed workshops,  and problem solved with designers about design systems challenges, and product design tactics both big and small.

Learning Solutions

At Linkedin and Lynda.com I focused on the consumer and enterprise learning experience. I managed and designed.

Practical UX Weekly

2 seasons of UX training about Product Design, Design Systems, Communication and Collaboration, Case Studies, and Cultivating Creativity


Lead designer for the first responsive design system “Nova” design system for lynda.com. Experienced my first “next level” management


Enterprise Retail Marketing solutions built and designed for the biggest retail companies on the planet.


Egov.com, a distributed company across the country delivering high-quality services to our local, state, and federal government. I worked in the New Mexico Division.  I worked on the MVD and TRD websites and services.


A point of sale product ecosystem that integrates with businesses to unlock online ordering and store pickup.


Designed interaction maps, and built my first design system to help scale efforts for implementing a Restaurant Management platform.


Where I got my first next level education in design, fell in love with design. I said goodbye to my baseball career as a professional catcher.

Accelerate your career in UX

Elevating the impact you have on the important things you involve yourself with. Lets optimize and focus.

Do you need a new level of commitment?

12 weeks is no joke.

This program is optimized for impact. Impact to help you reach your design career goals. A career in UX is more than just redesigning the way you see things. It’s redesigning the way you interact with the world. In Next Level UX we’ll take a holistic approach on starting with your focus areas.

Design your career portfolio map

Yes, I will help you design your career UX Map. With templates, tools, and learning resources.

Over the 12 week program, you’ll see your personal career map. You’ll have answered and designed your desired outcomes. You’ll know and have practiced what it takes to get there, and you’ll know how to shift, learn, and develop along the way.

You can do this, and the best part of this is, It’s all inside of Figma. Free version history

Working with Drew equipped me with a whole toolkit of skills that helped propel my design career!

Drew Bridewell is the epitome of a leader. From his coaching styles to his technical skills, Drew is the perfect person to bring you or your team to success. Working with Drew equipped me with a whole toolkit of skills that helped propel my design career. His ability to see where you can improve and his empathy for what it takes to understand the complexities and intricacies of design, helped us navigate the unknown and set us up with the knowledge of how to push forward!

Drew has years of experience that are seen through his dedication, inspiration, and ability to share those skills with you. If you are looking for someone who knows the ins-and-outs of UX design or need someone in your life to take your design career to the next level, be sure to connect with Drew. The minute you meet Drew, you know you’ll be in good hands.

Arnold (A.J.) Aldana, Project Manager

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Resource Center

Once you sign up you’ll gain access to our library of templates, tactics, coaching tips, resources lists and curated content.

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