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Drew Bridewell - Next Level UX

Next Level UX offers an Interactive design coaching and development program targeting 12 career sustaining skills


Next Level UX is a high-performance design program built to accelerate a designer’s design maturity across 12 important design pillars.

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  • Wk 1 – Clarity
  • Wk 2 – Goals
  • Wk 3 – Action Plan
  • Wk 4 – Practice


  • Wk 5 – Design Energy
  • Wk 6 – Design Clarity
  • Wk 7 – Design Productivity
  • Wk 8 – Impact


  • Wk 9 – Purpose
  • Wk 10 – Influence and Courage
  • Wk 11 – Tools, People, Tactics
  • Wk 12 – Reflection

Next Level UX

What is Next Level Ux?
An interactive coaching experience delivered in Figma, with prepared prompts, design bonus planning templates, challenges, reflections, async feedback, along with 1 weekly strategic call for 12 weeks that are architected to help you accelerate your UX career.

  1. 12 high impact weekly coaching sessions
  2. 12 Next Level UX Coaching Cards
  3. 12 weekly homework assignments
  4. Master coaching Figma file that you can take with you and own forever so you can revisit your training, coaching sessions.
  5. Accountability check-ins
  6. Curated learning based on your focus areas and top recommended content by Drew
  7. Goal writing fundamentals and planning
  8. LinkedIn Premium annual subscription
  9. Next Level Honor and Commitment Certificate of Completion
  10. Black Next Level Snapback


Starts with understanding who you are, what you want, and why you want it. Learn about the type of career impact you’ve been dreaming of and how to work towards it!


Goals help connect people to a purpose. Purpose is what motivates us. When we gain more clarity about our goals it unlocks additional potential as well as enables better action planning and execution.

Action Plan

The power of progress is incredibly rewarding. It creates structure and routines. Action planning helps you understand how to break down your goals in obtainable objectives.  

Practice and Training

A foundational element that is required to develop. Practice is something we must embrace to unlock our next level. Training is the next action.

Design Energy

Sustaining the energy you need to pursue your next level is essential. Learn how you source and develop yours.

Design Productivity

Learn how you can optimize your days, weeks, and months while focusing on impactful behaviors, routines, and tactics to get you where you to your next level.

Design Clarity

Develop the way you understand your project objectives, and absorb the goals of a project while choosing the best way to launch, learn, iterate, and execute your design work.


Learn about impact and how it can come in many shapes and sizes, it can be gradual, or it can be calculated. Impact comes from measuring your outcomes. We’ll break down how to measure you impact.


Connecting to your purpose frequently helps you acknowledge why you do what you do. Develop the routines to connect to your purpose and create intentional actions each step of the way.

Influence and Courage

Balancing these two actions is an art. They play hand and hand and are pivotal to how you grow to your next level. Find your courage and navigate your design influence.

Tools, People, Tactics

Learn how to manage your tools, connect and integrate better with your team, and leverage what the world has to offer to learn.


Reflect on how we can continue these practices and methods that help maintain a next level attitude, mindset, and sustainable career in user experience design.


Elevating the impact you have on the important things you involve yourself with. Let’s optimize and focus.

Do you need a new level of commitment?

12 weeks is no joke.

This program is optimized for impact. Impact to help you reach your design career goals. A career in UX is more than just redesigning the way you see things. It’s redesigning the way you interact with the world. In Next Level UX we’ll take a holistic approach on starting with your focus areas.

Design your career portfolio map

Yes, I will help you design your career UX Map. With templates, tools, and learning resources.

Over the 12 week program, you’ll see your personal career map. You’ll have answered and designed your desired outcomes. You’ll know and have practiced what it takes to get there, and you’ll know how to shift, learn, and develop along the way.

You can do this, and the best part of this is, It’s all inside of Figma. Free version history

Achieve your goals

Over the next 12 weeks you’ll build the practices, tactics, and mindset that will help you sustain a path in reaching your goals

You are not alone in your journey to your next level. Apply today to be a part of this program and begin your design transformation.

“Drew Bridewell was the glue to our new UX team.

He brings about an energy that drove us forward, no matter what. Drew guided us through the process with intelligence, understanding, and a passion for pushing us to be the best we could possibly be. Our design team was working almost 100% remotely, and Drew helped us navigate the intricacies of asynchronous collaboration. When we had blocs, Drew gave us brilliant strategies to get us out of our heads. He has a gift of thinking to make and making to think. Without Drew, we wouldn’t have had half the success we did in our project. If you are a designer or team looking to get to the next level, I would recommend Drew Bridewell in a heartbeat.

Chris Huntly, Stanford

Payment FAQs

This program was designed to support, inspire, and guide you to obtaining your next level. We understand you’ll have questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

What payment options do you offer for the program?

We understand that times maybe tough financially for you, so we do offer payment plans upon request. 

Is there any discount for students?

At this time we do not offer student discounts. We value this program and we want you to have that same level of investment in yourself for self-mastery in your field.

Is there any referral discount?

For students that go through the program then refer their peers or friends they’ll receive a 10% referral bonus.

Can I cancel once I've started the program?

This is a 12 week commitment and we understand that emergencies happen. We’ll work with you on these types of situations.

If I pay all up front is there a discount?

There is no discounts for paying up front

When is my first payment?

Your first payment will be processed once accepted into the program. You will receive an email confirmation.

Coaching FAQs

If this is your first time having a coach then congratulations!

Our commitment and responsibility to you is to bring the best out of you, while giving you practices, tactics, and methods that are uniquely valuable to the work that is most important to you.

What if in the middle of the coaching program I found it doesn’t add any value for me or too advanced to me?

We don’t want you to be in a situation that where you don’t value the program.   

How this program will help my future career?

We’ve optimized Next Level UX to map out the most important aspects of helping you develop based on your goals. If your goal is to get a new job, and learn a specific technique, that will be a part of your program.

Will Drew recommend me to future employers?

Yes, Drew has met with hundreds of companies, and if there is an opportunity to connect you to a connection. He’ll do his best. However, he cannot 100% guarantee the outcome.

What setup is required to use for this coaching program?

You’ll need access to a computer, the internet, and you’ll need a free account

What skills would I have by the end of the coaching program?

No skills are required to join the program. We do require a 12-week commitment to excellence and putting in 100% effort.

Can I get my work reviewed by Drew?

Absolutely. If one of your goals is to improve your portfolio so you can get a new job, then part of the program will be dedicated to supporting that. 


This program is designed to accelerate your goals.

We value your time, goals, and your mission. You can do this. You can be that. Lets partner.

12 weeks of dedicated learning, development, and design transformation.

Resource Center

Once you sign up you’ll gain access to our library of templates, tactics, coaching tips, resources lists and curated content.

Premium Course Curation

With over 8 hours of content in our library you still might desire something specific. If we don’t have the content, then we’ll curate and discover the next best option.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, share with me where you’re at.

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